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Oct 11,2007

Ok, this is sort of off-topic, but hey, it’s my blog anyways 😉

If you are a musician you will find the following collection of videos frickin’ hilarious! Just pick one and listen and watch and tell me how much you laughed in the comments.

Since we are a money making blog I can add some commentary here. If these were my videos, there might be a good chance to make some money off of them. Some of these have over 100,000 views each. How easy would it be to embed a URL overlay on these videos or add a frame at the beginning or end with a URL on it. What you would try and push? How about guitar lessons!!

Oct 9,2007

I am sure you all are waiting on baited breath to find out how much my blog made last month during my first 20 days of blogging. I hope you all are well prepared for the shocking news to follow . . . made $0 last month!

Well, this means I can only go up, right? 😉 Anyways, the purpose of this blog isn’t really to make money in and of itself, it is highlight techniques and give tips to winning in the Adsense and affiliate marketing game.

To give you a little update on some of the case studies that I have presented forward, I did make a little money (and October is shaping up to increase as well). First off, I have highlighted my Tiger Army case study in Part 1 and Part 2. As you may recall, I bought the site for $10 and redesigned it. Well, in September I made $1.67 from Adsense! This is a small success 🙂

In my other experiment, I added a search box to one of my sites to try and get a few extra dollars a month. I installed that on September 24th and it earned me $2.04 for the 6 days it was running.

I know you are all gasping for air at my riches 😉 Actually, I make a fair share of money on a bunch of sites I haven’t mentioned yet, but these are the ones I have highlighted and have shared so far. Continue to read the blog to learn more of my stories!

Oct 3,2007

As I posted a few days ago, I am starting to take some steps to learning the affiliate marketing game inside and out. What I have started doing is promoting ClickBank products using Adwords ( ). Currently, I am not using a landing page and simply sending traffic directly to the vendors sales page until I get some landing pages set up.

I have read numerous accounts that this method is not as effective as using landing pages, but I will stick with it for now in hopes to turn a profit.

By using this method I have come across a hurdle. That being tracking which keywords are sending traffic and converting to sales. I had learned of a manual method using what is called the TID (tracking ID) parameter. This can be effective, but is very time consuming to set up a new URL for each keyword. Plus the TID is only 8 characters long.

In my searches of trying to make this easier, I came across a wonderful free tool from WLMCamp which will generate these URL’s for you dynamically. I downloaded and am using this tool today and am very happy with the time it saves!

Read more about this free tool.

Oct 1,2007

Earn Money for your Site with AuctionAds

One of the new programs on the market that I have decided to try out is AuctionAds. As I explained in my previous post, AuctionAds is a way to dynamically show eBay listings on your site.

Well, I implemented it on 3 or 4 sites and quickly learned that it was only going to perform on one site. This program is not for every type of site, but if you find the right one it is worth implementing.

In my first month I earned $55.96!

Ok, that is a little skewed since they game me $25 just for signing up 😉 So really I earned $30.96 🙂 I am very pleased with that result and may try it out on some other sites. Anyone else out there using it with results?

Sep 27,2007

Yesterday I decided to start a campaign promoting a product from Clickbank. Clickbank is an affiliate network that specialized in digital products such as e-books and software downloads.

If done right, you can make a lot of money marketing these products. BUT, it’s not easy! You have to learn the in’s and out’s which can take months. I have been reading and reading and decided it was time to take action.

I basically followed the plan laid out in Google Profits. This is a great comprehensive step by step guide as to how to use Adwords to drive traffic to a Clickbank product. The great part of this system is that you don’t need a website to start. So basically, anyone can do this. But like anything else it takes patience and time to become successful.

My plan is to try out 3-5 products until I find one that is working for me. I picked one yesterday and started promoting it. I got some great keywords and a good click through, but did not get a sale 🙁 I have concluded based on my campaign that this product is not converting.

I ended up spending $29.72 and received 172 clicks with no conversions. Tomorrow, I will move on to another product! Typically 6-8 out of 10 will not be profitable, but once you find the profitable one it can be very lucrative. Stay tuned for more updates!

Sep 25,2007

Building an effective landing page is one of the keys to success in PPC affiliate marketing. You can have the best campaign in the world, but if your landing page is ineffective, you will not convert your sales.

In the next week or two I am going to build a complete campaign using Adwords to drive traffic to a site with effective landing pages. I will chronicle the steps I am taking along the way to let you know how successful I am. Meanwhile, step one in the process is to build the pages that will sell my product.

Here are a few essential steps you should take when building your landing page to ensure the highest conversion and ROI (Return on Investment).

Page Layout

  • Make sure your page is laid out to show the most relevant information above the fold. This means it should be in the viewable area you see immediately without having to scroll down.
  • It is also good to use lots of graphics. Graphics and pictures sell products!
  • Branding is important too. Place your company (or affiliate) logo to ensure the customer they are making a safe purchase.
  • Be sure to have a Privacy Policy linked in the footer.

Content and Writing Style

  • Use keywords that are relevant to your campaign. Place these near the top to further comfort the customer that they are getting exactly what they are searching for. It is a bad idea to use deceptive keywords just to get people to click on the ad and come to your site. These people will just leave anyways and not complete a sale which inflates your cost per click.
  • Make forms easy to fill out. Do not add unnecessary fields. Try to capture the least amount of information possible to get your customer to continue.
  • The headline is the single most important piece of copy on the page. It should correspond exactly to the offer you are driving.

Call to Action

  • Use persuasive copy to encourage your visitors to complete your offer.
  • Create buttons that have direct instructions. Instead of saying “Click Here”, try to say “Get Your Free Ringtone Now!”

These are just a few of the most important essential tips for your landing page. Creating a landing page is a continual process. The best thing you can do is test, test, test! Sometimes changing one word or one color can make a huge difference.

Here are a few more resources to getting you on your way to a great converting landing page:

Article on SEOmoz

20 Guide lines to create successful landing pages

How to create a Landing Page that complies to the Google AdWords guidelines

Sep 19,2007

How’s that for a catchy headlline?

A new site launched today that is doubly good for those of you out there wanting to make money online. The site is called DealDotCom. DealDotCom is a site that features a new product each day at incredible discount prices. However, the products are all focused on the topic of Internet Marketing and making money online. They sell items that will help you save time and money during your ventures.

The second benefit is that they also offer an affiliate program. This means if someone signs up under your affiliate link, you earn 35% of the sale! Even better is that it is a 2-tier system, so if your friends refer people you also profit from their sales!

Either way there are great deals to be had. Today deal features Easy Member Pro – Unlimited Site Licenses for only $148.50. This is a huge discount considering they are selling their product at their site for $297.

The catch is that deals only last one day, or until the inventory has been sold out. So you have to decide quick if you want or need the daily product!

Sep 18,2007

Free Traffic for your BlogHow do you make a blog (or any other website for that matter) successful? Well, it all starts with traffic. Driving traffic to your site is the most important element of securing customers (or readers) and making money online.

Yesterday a new service was just released that helps blog owners get free traffic. The service is called BlogRush. BlogRush works by adding a widget to your blog that shows headlines of other blogs. The benefit is that for every impression your blog shows of these headlines, one of your blog headlines gets shown on another blog. It’s a win win for most bloggers!

What else is great about this is that it is an affiliate program too. For every person you sign up, you get second tier impressions. This means that if the person you refer shows the widget x number of times on their blog, you receive even that much more exposure to your blog!

You can see it in action on the sidebar to the right. So sign up today . . . . it’s free!

Sep 16,2007

You may have heard me mention AuctionAds a few times already in the posts I have made, and you might be wondering what it is exactly. Well, to describe it simply, it is a way to post dynamic listings from eBay on your site. Why would you want to do this? To make money of course!

You make money as an affiliate to eBay. For every sale that is completed through an item that was clicked on via one of your AuctionAds, you receive a percentage of the fees eBay charges.

Below is an example of AuctionAds in action. I used the keywords “iPod Touch” when setting it up so it should display relevant ads.

If you would like to set up an account of your own, you can get $25 deposited into your account instantly when signing up! Sign up today and start making more money on your site!

Sep 15,2007

Today I discovered a kit you can buy that will help you make money if you decide to start your own blog. It is called Blogging For Dollars. If you are looking for a way to earn some extra income from home, while you are going to college, or if you are still living at home this is a great resource! Best of all, for a limited time this offer is free!

Blogging for Dollars Blogging Kit

This offer includes the BlogToolKit 4-Step Success Program, Instant Traffic and Writers Guide, Make Money With Google Set, and Your Own Blogger Website!  The initial kit is free, plus shipping and handling.  Shipping and handling is $1.97, but I can tell you a quick trick to get the shipping and handling for only $.99.  Here is what you do, when you are on the site, simply try and close the window.  A little box will pop up asking you if you really want to leave, say no and stay on the site and they will automatically reduce the offer to you to $.99. Enjoy!