“What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day?” That is the exact question that is being asked on Blog Action Day.  Today is designated as a day for all bloggers to take action and blog about the environment.  If enough people participate, a new awareness will be formed.  It is also recommended that bloggers donate todays earnings in full to an environmental charity.  I will do this if I make any money today!

While I can’t say that I follow all the environmentally friendly rules, I do try my best.  To my credit, I do all of my banking online as well as request as many statements and bills as I can to be delivered electronically (even though it’s a pain to reconcile a bank statement from an image).  We also recycle as much as we can at our house.  I have even thought of requesting a second bin as we seem to have it filled up every week a couple of days before pickup.

I love nature and the outdoors and will be thinking of more ways to help save the environment.  Please tell me how you are contributing, and if you have a blog please post about it!