All it takes is one big break to make a website extremely popular. How would a mention of your website on Oprah sound? Sounds pretty good to me considering Oprah’s popularity and the size of her audience! Well, it wouldn’t exactly be my site that was mentioned, but a site I designed.

This scenario almost played out. One of my website design clients contacted me about a good friend of hers that was trying to secure a spot on the Oprah show as an expert panelist. She was very excited and needed a website put together fast that explained her theories and services as a a nationally certified professional counselor and educator. Hence, Managing the Monkey Mind was born.

I quickly worked withmy client as she communicated back and forth with the producers. I got her site up and running in a couple of days and she was extremely pleased with the speed and the design. She also agreed to let me link to my sites in the footer of her website which was great!

As it turns out she was not able to be on the expert panel for this show, but she did get the chance to be in the audience. The show airs today, so all of you Oprah fans need to tune in! 😉 There is also a chance that she can participate as an audience member in the After the Show segment as well.

So that is the story of my near brush with fame! Can you imagine how many people would have went to the website if Oprah endorsed it? How many hits would that have equated to for me? What would I have done with this traffic? Would I have made a special page for Oprah viewers? Who knows, it’s nice to dream! 🙂