It seems as though Google is at it again! It has been widely publicized that yesterday major blogging and news sites (and others) received a reduction in pagerank. The speculation is that Google is looking for people that are selling text links on their sites, which they apparently frown upon. Here are a few major sites with noted changes:

  1. Problogger – 6 to 4
  2. John Chow – 6 to 4
  3. Washington Post – 7 to 5
  4. Forbes – 7 to 5
  5. Engadget -7 to 5
  6. Seanology 0 to 0 (at least I didn’t fall!)

The real question is, should you care? Well, if you are doing all the right things on your site then the answer is no. Pagerank is a made up number from Google that they control. What you should really be concerned about is if your site has traffic, return visitors, and if it is performing up to standards. None of this should be controlled by pagerank. Of course, DoshDosh has a great post entitled: Google PageRank Doesn’t Matter. Can We Stop Talking about it Now?

Has your site been affected?