Just so you know, I am not just talking about making money online, I am making money online. I have been dabbling with Google Adsense now for about a year and a half with Adsense earning sites like these. Some become successful, and others make me just a few pennies.

Well yesterday I posted my best day ever with earnings of $48.32. While this does not make me rich (yet) it is motivating enough to make me want to continue to push forward. If I kept this up, it would equate to $1500 per month. Not too bad. I know there are plenty of people out there that are becoming Gazillionaires with Google Adsense that might think this is peanuts, but I am pretty happy.

What happened yesterday that made my earnings increase? Well, from what I can tell a network of sites that I have about a particular topic is simply paying more. There is about the same traffic, but the eCPM has more than doubled. Up until 2 days ago the eCPM was averaging somewhere around $7.00 for this topic, but yesterday it capped out at $19.09. Will it continue? I sure hope so!

Meanwhile, why don’t you sign up for Adsense and start making sites of your own? 🙂