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Dec 20,2007

As is the case for many bloggers, I have fallen into the trap of not posting too much 🙁 It’s the cliche excuse of “I just don’t have the time”. Although that is the truth, it really shouldn’t be an excuse! I have been spending every free minute I have studying and building my affiliate marketing business. It is becoming successful and I hope 2008 brings great success. During the past couple of months I have learned A LOT. More than I have in the past couple of years on this topic. This is mostly thanks my personal PPC Coach. I’ll try not to bore you with numbers anymore, or show you pictures of my Black AMEX card or Rolex watch (well, really because I have neither!) None of that stuff really helps you to make more money online. Instead I will try to help you find the best resources and advice to become successful.

Now that I am jumping in head first into affiliate marketing, I thought I would share with you the affiliate networks that I use and provide a little review about each from my perspective:

Hydra Networks
This is my favorite network at this time. Mostly because the interface it very easy to navigate and my Affiliate Manager (AM) has been very helpful. I have been using them for a few content network campaigns and also for some zip code submit campaigns. My conversions are very good on this network, although their payouts are lower for some of these offers than other networks. Remember though, it’s not the payout that matters, it’s the conversion rate and the underlying Earnings Per Click (EPC). The best part about Hydra is they pay NET 15 so you get your money quickly. I highly recommend these guys.

I joined COPEAC a couple of months ago and am so far happy with them. They seem to have a bit higher payout on offers which is nice. I have also received good support from my AM when I’ve had issues or problems. They bumped an offer (increased the payout to me) without me even asking. I would also recommend them.

Azoogle has been around a long time and is well respected in the industry. I, however, have not had much success with them. That doesn’t mean they are not good, I just haven’t figured out how to use them the best. They’re interface is real clunky to navigate and no one has figured out an easy way to find offers. They do have some big name advertisers on board and deal with some of the larger affiliate marketers in the business.

CPA Empire
I just joined this network and so far it looks positive. CPA stands for Cost Per Action, which is what they specialize in. They do have the largest selection of email and zip submits that I have seen as well a ton of other offers. Curiously, the offers and statistics interface looks identical to COPEAC. Not sure if they are the same company, or just use the same back end software for managing their offers. So far, so good with these guys.

Overall, I have not had a bad experience with a network (yet). Hopefully I won’t! They are eager to keep you promoting their offers so usually provide good customer service. It is a very competitive world out there.

Dec 7,2007 has recently lauched and it seems they provide a much needed service for both webmasters and advertisers. The service is not anything new (buying and selling text links), but their innovative approach and pricing certainly is.

If you are looking to add another source of revenue to your website, might be just for you. Some of the benefits include:

  • You’ll be able to sell links on every page of your website, instead of just the main page.
  • Automatically sell links to thousands of advertisers.
  • Receive payouts every month in advance, via PayPal, Check, Wire, or any other applicable payment method.
  • Easy code installation using “copy-paste” method.
  • The price for each link is calculated automatically. It mostly depends on Google PageRank (PR) of each page, website category, link popularity, and number of outbound links.
  • TNX comission is just 12.5% from each party involved in transaction.

With over 35,000 users in their system I would have to say this a great opportunity for you to add additional revenue to your website.

But what if you want to promote your site? This is where it gets even better! The prices for links through are unbelievably low. They work on a points system in which you buy a block of points and then use those points to buy links of varying prices. The price is dependent upon Google PR and inbound links. But for $20 you can buy 20,000 points which could equate to 20,000 links! Here are some benefits to advertisers:

  • Improve your site ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and more.
  • Automatically place millions of non-reciprocal links to your site.
  • Your links will be placed on relevant pages (You’ll be able to choose it’s quantity and quality).
  • Receive well-targeted traffic from relevant sites.
  • Prices of links are the lowest on the market. For as low as $11 a month you may get up to 10,000 static links to your website.
  • Convenient interface which will help you promote thousands of your keywords and pages without a hassle.
  • SEO specialists and consultants get discounts up to 50%.

Now, I will let you in on a little secret, is giving away free text link ads through this post Digital Point forums. Make sure you use that link when signing up to get your free links. Then, of course, sign up for their affiliate program so you can earn points for yourself to promote your websites.