As I get more and more entrenched in my PPC Marketing business, I am quickly learning that advertising on the Internet is hardly limited to the country you live in. I am in the USA and initially thought that I would run advertising in my country only as I knew nothing about other countries and cultures.

But why would I want to limit myself when there is a whole WORLD to conquer?!

That’s when I learned the power of advertising in other countries, more specifically the UK. The UK is an excellent market as people there are ready and willing to click on your ad, and are less skeptical of purchasing online than in the US. Since I discovered this, my favorite means of advertising in the UK is using Yahoo Search Marketing UK. And since I don’t speak other languages, this is the perfect world market to enter.

With Google Adwords you can choose which country to target when creating a campaign, but you are not able to do that with Yahoo. Each account is country specific. In this case, you need to open a separate Yahoo UK account. And by following the links in this post, you can get a £50 voucher to start! That’s over $100.00 (yes the dollar completely blows right now). You can open a Yahoo UK account no matter where you live.

Besides the free voucher to get you started, I want to emphasize the beauty of this account. Adwords is saturated, Yahoo is not. That means you can get much cheaper targeted traffic using your Yahoo UK account than you would with your Adwords account. Plus, how many lazy marketers are going to go through the trouble to open a separate account in the UK just for Yahoo? Well . . . . you are . . . . if you want to make some money!