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Mar 11,2010

Are you ninja optimized?  I sure hope so.  Because if you don’t know your SE0 you will be left behind in this crazy affiliate marketing world.

One way to ensure your are ninja optimized is to buy a ninja optimized t-shirt! By wearing this shirt you will instantly become an expert at the The Google and The Bing.  Man, I sure do love blog.

If you are still confused, first watch this video, then get ninja optimized!

Sep 15,2009 – A Catchy Name and a Worthwhile Product

I know it has been quite a while since my last post, I promise I will get better!  I wanted to take the time today though to tell you all about a new affiliate marketing coaching site that has sprung up called offers both novice and advanced internet marketers the tools and information they need to succeed.  The site is set up in a format to drip feed information every 30 days to both teach and challenge various aspects of affiliate marketing.  One of the first areas of information discussed is Facebook advertising.  This is what interested me the most.  I have been dabbling in placing Facebook Ads and have had moderate success, but am looking to scale my efforts to make it a viable way to make money online.  These guys show you from start to finish how to create your first Facebook campaign . . . and most importantly how to make it profitable!

The site is full of very intelligent marketers that I personally know and respect.  Some of them are great friends of mine.  The two people that started the site are former moderators over at  Since I have been a member of that site since it’s inception, I got to know these 2 guys and read a bunch of their quality posts.  Now they have their own venue and devout following.

Beyond the wealth of information already on the site, there are loads of videos, how-to’s, and tools available to you.  These are very nicely presented and comprehensive.  The flow of information is organized so even a newbie to internet marketing can follow it.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they are running a 7 DAY TRIAL FOR ONLY $1 for a limited time!  What a great way to find out if the site is for you.  And unlike acai offers, you can cancel if you are not satisfied 😉

Affiliit Internet Marketing Coaching Site

Affiliit Internet Marketing Coaching Site

Jul 31,2008

If you are an experienced PPC Marketer you may be wondering if you should try your hand at PPV traffic.  If you are like me, you are always looking for ways to expand your online marketing, and PPV marketing is another tool in the arsenal.

PPV is being touted as a “secret source” of untapped traffic.  Gauher Chaudhry has become well known for his PPC Formula series and now his ‘Pay Per View Formula’ home study course.  The problem is, you can’t get access to the PPV Formula unless you are a member of the PPC Formula community.  That will set you back hundreds of dollars before even allowing you to purchase his course.

There is an alternative.  It is   Take a look at the home page!  Funny, huh?  Well, PPVCoach is an invitation only membership site.  Not only will you learn Pay Per View Marketing from an expert coach, you will have access to tools that will blow away your competition.

If you are serious about learning PPV and would like to join, please send me an email or comment here.  I have a few invitation codes available.  PPVCoach has said that he will cap membership at 100 so as to devote personal attention to each and every member.  So far, we have 77 members (including myself).  Please post any questions you have.

EDIT:  PPVCoach has since changed their name to CPVCoach to be more consistent with the name of the traffic source.  Also, joining is no longer invitation only.  Simply click here to join

Apr 18,2008

I sure think so! Let’s analyze this just a little bit. Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing is the process of brokering traffic to an affiliate offer to make a sale of a product or produce a lead. In other words, you are advertising other people’s products and getting a commission of the total sale or lead.

Why would you want to advertise other people’s products and not your own? Well for starters, you may not be in a position to start a traditional business in the sense of inventory, receivables, overhead, etc.

Here are the main reasons PPC Affiliate Marketing is the perfect business model:

* You can start with absolutely no money
* Your “inventory” in unlimited
* You can test new ideas in days
* You can routinely earn a 100% ROI
* The sky is the limit!

Let’s look at these in a bit more detail:

You can start with absolutely no money – The beauty of PPC is that you need ZERO dollars and a credit card to get started. I know there are some other businesses like this, but what sets this apart is that you can control your budget to the penny and know exactly when your money should be received. Here is an example of how I do it: Lets say in April I spend $1000 on advertising and I have earned (but not yet received) $2000 from sales. In my world, my credit card statement comes on April 23rd. So now I have a balance of $1000 that is due on May 18th. I am on NET 15 days with my networks so I will get $2000 on May 15th and am able to cover my credit card and pocket the rest without floating any money! Even if I did have to float it for a month, what significance is a $10 interest expense (or whatever it is) when you are making 100% return on your money.

Your “inventory” in unlimited – How many businesses can you start that allow to sell everything under one roof? One week I could be selling flowers for Mother’s Day, the next week I could be generating leads for mortgages. It doesn’t matter as these are other peoples products you are promoting.

You can test new ideas in days
– Once you choose a new offer or niche to attack, you can easily find out if it is going to be profitable within a few days. The key to being successful in PPC is testing, testing again, and then testing again! It may take 20 tries to find a winner, but when you do it can be addictive and exhilarating (and very profitable)!

You can routinely earn a 100% ROI – Yes, 100% ROI! This has got to be my favorite part of this business. I used to think how outstanding it was if you got a 20% return on your investment in something like the stock market. In this business, a 20% return campaign may get nixed because it isn’t making enough money! This month I am running at a 96% ROI. That is really hard to comprehend sometimes even for me. For every one dollar I spend, I make two dollars! Show me another business where this is achievable on a consistent basis.

The sky is the limit! – Scaling your PPC business is up to you. There is no “cap”. I know guys that have goals to top 1 million in profit per year (I hope to be there someday!). It is possible. It is happening every day. You don’t hear about these people because they have their systems and don’t want to expose them . . . and I can’t blame them. With this business it is just a matter of how bad you want it. Are you will to put in the work? Are you not afraid to lose to learn? If you have the right attitude the sky is the limit!

Now go and make some money 🙂

Apr 13,2008

This is a common question I get asked by people. As you can see, the posts on this blog have dwindled and you may wonder why. Well, the honest truth is I am too busy making money that I don’t find the time to post enough. With the little free time I have, I have to prioritize between my affiliate marketing projects and my family.

So, you want to know how much money I am making now? I am not going to tell you! That might not have been the answer you thought you were going to hear 😉

I have a reason though as to why I don’t want to tell you. Because I find it quite pretentious. I mean, do you really think anyone is impressed when they go to site and see a picture of a big check? Or some dweeb standing beside his brand new car? To me those are just ego strokes. And misleading.

The truth of the matter is that you CAN make a #$%load of money online. Do you want to know how? HARD WORK!

So from now on, I will not post any numbers as to my successes. I am doing well, but there is always room for improvement. As soon as I think I am successful, I meet another comrade at PPC-Coach that just blows me away.

So stop reading this post and get back to making some money!

Feb 19,2008

As I get more and more entrenched in my PPC Marketing business, I am quickly learning that advertising on the Internet is hardly limited to the country you live in. I am in the USA and initially thought that I would run advertising in my country only as I knew nothing about other countries and cultures.

But why would I want to limit myself when there is a whole WORLD to conquer?!

That’s when I learned the power of advertising in other countries, more specifically the UK. The UK is an excellent market as people there are ready and willing to click on your ad, and are less skeptical of purchasing online than in the US. Since I discovered this, my favorite means of advertising in the UK is using Yahoo Search Marketing UK. And since I don’t speak other languages, this is the perfect world market to enter.

With Google Adwords you can choose which country to target when creating a campaign, but you are not able to do that with Yahoo. Each account is country specific. In this case, you need to open a separate Yahoo UK account. And by following the links in this post, you can get a £50 voucher to start! That’s over $100.00 (yes the dollar completely blows right now). You can open a Yahoo UK account no matter where you live.

Besides the free voucher to get you started, I want to emphasize the beauty of this account. Adwords is saturated, Yahoo is not. That means you can get much cheaper targeted traffic using your Yahoo UK account than you would with your Adwords account. Plus, how many lazy marketers are going to go through the trouble to open a separate account in the UK just for Yahoo? Well . . . . you are . . . . if you want to make some money!

Dec 20,2007

As is the case for many bloggers, I have fallen into the trap of not posting too much 🙁 It’s the cliche excuse of “I just don’t have the time”. Although that is the truth, it really shouldn’t be an excuse! I have been spending every free minute I have studying and building my affiliate marketing business. It is becoming successful and I hope 2008 brings great success. During the past couple of months I have learned A LOT. More than I have in the past couple of years on this topic. This is mostly thanks my personal PPC Coach. I’ll try not to bore you with numbers anymore, or show you pictures of my Black AMEX card or Rolex watch (well, really because I have neither!) None of that stuff really helps you to make more money online. Instead I will try to help you find the best resources and advice to become successful.

Now that I am jumping in head first into affiliate marketing, I thought I would share with you the affiliate networks that I use and provide a little review about each from my perspective:

Hydra Networks
This is my favorite network at this time. Mostly because the interface it very easy to navigate and my Affiliate Manager (AM) has been very helpful. I have been using them for a few content network campaigns and also for some zip code submit campaigns. My conversions are very good on this network, although their payouts are lower for some of these offers than other networks. Remember though, it’s not the payout that matters, it’s the conversion rate and the underlying Earnings Per Click (EPC). The best part about Hydra is they pay NET 15 so you get your money quickly. I highly recommend these guys.

I joined COPEAC a couple of months ago and am so far happy with them. They seem to have a bit higher payout on offers which is nice. I have also received good support from my AM when I’ve had issues or problems. They bumped an offer (increased the payout to me) without me even asking. I would also recommend them.

Azoogle has been around a long time and is well respected in the industry. I, however, have not had much success with them. That doesn’t mean they are not good, I just haven’t figured out how to use them the best. They’re interface is real clunky to navigate and no one has figured out an easy way to find offers. They do have some big name advertisers on board and deal with some of the larger affiliate marketers in the business.

CPA Empire
I just joined this network and so far it looks positive. CPA stands for Cost Per Action, which is what they specialize in. They do have the largest selection of email and zip submits that I have seen as well a ton of other offers. Curiously, the offers and statistics interface looks identical to COPEAC. Not sure if they are the same company, or just use the same back end software for managing their offers. So far, so good with these guys.

Overall, I have not had a bad experience with a network (yet). Hopefully I won’t! They are eager to keep you promoting their offers so usually provide good customer service. It is a very competitive world out there.

Nov 27,2007

You may or may not be wondering how I have been able to ramp up my affiliate marketing campaigns in such a short period of time and make them extremely successful. I had debated whether or not I wanted to publicize my resource as it has been so successful for me thus far that I wanted to keep it my little secret. Well that is silly and foolish of me! There really is no competition in this game when you consider the billions of combinations of keywords and campaigns that can be run.

So here it is:

What is PPC Coach? It is what it implies. PPC-Coach is run by an expert affiliate marketer who is there to teach you everything you need to become successful. Coach has been doing this full time for 2 years now and as he says “I make more than a doctor, working form home in my underwear”.

The site is subscription based and costs $49.99/month. Sounds like a lot? Well, if you are serious about doing this it is a drop in the bucket. As you may have seen in my previous posts, I have made MUCH more than that in profits using Coach’s advice. This is the only fee-based site I have ever joined, and I can’t recommend it enough.

What do you get for your monthly membership? This is the first question you will most likely have and it’s the best one. You get a multitude of things with your membership including:

  • access to the PPC-Coach to answer any and all ppc related or affiliate marketing questions you have
  • access to the PPC Coach Members Forum, where other members can post questions and post answers for you to see [there are loads of experienced and newbie members as well Affiliate Managers from various affiliate networks on board]
  • access to specific merchants to promote, (yes we will tell you what to promote if you don’t want to use your own stuff).
  • access to a growing number of tutorials and guides
  • access to how to videos online (these are absolute GOLD!)
  • access to like minded individuals who want to succeed just as much as you do.

Check out the site and read over the FAQ’s etc. and post here if you have any questions. I don’t know if I am doing a good enough job of selling this to you or not. I guess the bottom line I can say is that I joined on November 6th and as of yesterday (21 days in) I have earned $754.00 in profit!

Please check out the site and post any questions you might have here and I will answer them as best as I can. If you do join, send me an email and tell me your username so we can hook up in the forums!

Edit 1/17/2008 – I am now averaging $50/day profit using these techniques!

Edit 1/31/2008 – I am now averaging $75/day profit using these techniques!

Edit 9/22/2008 – I had a $1700 profit day this month using these techniques!