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Sep 24,2007

Here is a quick tip to increase your Adsense earnings. Add a Google Search box! One of the types of advertisements Google offers is called Adsense for Search.

To place a search box within your site:

  • Log into your Adsense account and click on Adsense Setup
  • Select Adsense for Search
  • Select the options of how you want the search box to look and whether you want it to search just google, or your site, or both.
  • Copy and paste the code into your site!

Here is a search box that I created. I prefer not to use the Google logo as to make it appear blended in the site better.

The best place to use this would be somewhere below the fold of the page. If users get down that far in the page and are ready to leave your site, why not have them give you a little revenue on the way out?

Sep 23,2007

Beginners are overwhelmed at where to start when making money online. I hope my blog eases that anxiety a little bit by providing tips and tricks to help you take your ideas to fruition. However, I cannot possibly cover every topic in the book and there are way more successful people out there than me.

If you want to learn from the best, then I suggest you frequent these site:

John Chow dot com – John is self proclaimed Dot Com Mogul, and he has the stats to back it up! He earned $17,828.61 last month alone just from his blog. But that doesn’t even take into account his other ventures like The Tech Zone. John provides great resources and insights into making money online.

Shoemoney – If you don’t know who Shoemoney is, it’s time to start reading his blog! He is the affiliate king. He has been capitalizing on ringtones since he started and recently created and sold off AuctionAds. His blog is a great mix of information, humor, and personal thoughts.

Digital Point Forums – The authoritative site for everything to do with the web. Have a question? Ask it here and you will be sure to get answers. They have great resources for affiliate marketers, Adsense experts, web design, business and more.

These are a few of the essential sites to get you started and motivated on your way to making money online. I read these websites daily.

Sep 20,2007

In order to make money on a site, you need to get traffic. Today I will continue my series of posts explaining the exact steps that I am taking to try and make my Tiger Army website successful.

After I redesigned the site I went ahead and started to submit the site to the search engines. Of course, I started with the big 3 and submitted using these URLs:

Once I took care of those 3, I went ahead and added to a few other well know directories and search engines such as:

Once I was done with these submissions, I went ahead and added a link to each of my other sites that are related to music and entertainment. I have a couple of these types sites, so they all help each other when they are linked together and are relevant.

Lastly, I posted a message on the Digital Point forums requesting a link exchange with my music site. Quite often there are people out there that are willing to exchange with you since they are in the same boat as you.

Next, I may spend some money (under $10) and hire someone to submit the site to a bunch of directories. The value of directory links is declining, but it is still good for building links which most search engines like.

Oh yeah, one more thing is that the previous owner added a link to the Tiger Army Wikipedia page. This will also help drive people to the site.

Sep 19,2007

How’s that for a catchy headlline?

A new site launched today that is doubly good for those of you out there wanting to make money online. The site is called DealDotCom. DealDotCom is a site that features a new product each day at incredible discount prices. However, the products are all focused on the topic of Internet Marketing and making money online. They sell items that will help you save time and money during your ventures.

The second benefit is that they also offer an affiliate program. This means if someone signs up under your affiliate link, you earn 35% of the sale! Even better is that it is a 2-tier system, so if your friends refer people you also profit from their sales!

Either way there are great deals to be had. Today deal features Easy Member Pro – Unlimited Site Licenses for only $148.50. This is a huge discount considering they are selling their product at their site for $297.

The catch is that deals only last one day, or until the inventory has been sold out. So you have to decide quick if you want or need the daily product!

Sep 18,2007

Free Traffic for your BlogHow do you make a blog (or any other website for that matter) successful? Well, it all starts with traffic. Driving traffic to your site is the most important element of securing customers (or readers) and making money online.

Yesterday a new service was just released that helps blog owners get free traffic. The service is called BlogRush. BlogRush works by adding a widget to your blog that shows headlines of other blogs. The benefit is that for every impression your blog shows of these headlines, one of your blog headlines gets shown on another blog. It’s a win win for most bloggers!

What else is great about this is that it is an affiliate program too. For every person you sign up, you get second tier impressions. This means that if the person you refer shows the widget x number of times on their blog, you receive even that much more exposure to your blog!

You can see it in action on the sidebar to the right. So sign up today . . . . it’s free!

Sep 17,2007

Text Link Ads Free $100 in Links

Want to promote your site so that people will come and buy your products? One great way to do this is to buy text link ads on other sites to drive traffic. Purchasing text links has a great impact not only from the people that click on the link and visit your site, but also from the benefits you receive in search engine rankings.

Text Links Ads is the best place to find relevant sites to place your advertising. They have a huge database that you can browse by topic to purchase advertising. They are better than the rest because when you purchase an ad, your actual URL appears on the publishers page as opposed to an encrypted link like other publishing systems. This ensures you get the benefit of the link for search engine rankings.

Text Links Ads is running a promotion which gives you $100 in free links. Sign up for an account (It’s free and only takes a couple of minutes) and check out their listings.

If you already have a website, then you may be able to sell links yourself and make some great money on your site! I will cover in another post how to use Text Links Ads on your site to make more money.

Sep 14,2007

As you know from my previous post, I recently purchased the site for $10 with the hopes of turning it into a revenue producing site for me.

Step one in this process was to redesign the site. The purpose of redesigning the site is to 1) make it more visually appealing, and 2) to blend in more advertisements that will hopefully make me money. Here is what the Tiger Army site looked like when I bought it. And this is the Tiger Army site now with the redesign. However, I did not reinvent the wheel here, I used the design I had for another site of mine about Secondhand Serenade.

So, the real question is how are we going to make money? For starters we are going to include Google Adsense on the pages. I have also included an affiliate link to Amazon for various Tiger Army Albums. And lastly, I am using AuctionAds to display some eBay auctions on the Music page. I will be discussing AuctionAds in more detail in a later post.

The next part of this case study will involve linking the site, discussing SEO, and submitting to search engines.

Sep 12,2007

Ok, I am not just going to write about how to do things online that can make you money, I am going to give you real world examples and allow you to follow along with me and my techniques to see if they are successful. This is not only going to be my journey, but hopefully yours too!

Today is my first example. One of the ways I have learned over the past year and a half to make money off of sites is to purchase an existing website and retool it with a better design, better ad placement, and a little promotion to try and make my investment worthwhile.

There are various places to purchase sites online which I will blog about in a later post. However, the place I found this particular site is the V7N Websites for Sale forum.

The site I bought is a site about the Psychobilly Rock Band Tiger Army . Here is what the site looked like when I bought it: Tiger Army website – I bought the site (including the domain name) for only $10! I couldn’t resist even though I really don’t have that much time to work on it. However, blogging about my progress will motivate me to report back to you the steps I will take to retool the site and try to get it to make me some money. Stay tuned for updates, and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

Sep 11,2007


I am very excited that you have chosen to read my blog. And I am very excited to be able to write for you. In case you don’t know me, I am going to give a brief history of who I am, what I do, and the purpose of this blog!

First off, my name is Sean. I have been designing websites for 12 years now and have been in the “business” of web design for 10 years. My web design company is called Darwin Studios. You can view a sampling of my Atlanta web design portfolio if you wish to see some of my work. This has been a very successful venture for me the last couple of years, but it has still not gotten to the point where I can quit my day job and support my family.

This brings me to the reason I am starting this blog. I have learned over the years that I can make a decent living designing sites for other people, but I don’t know if this path will ever lead me to financial independence. Because of this, I have been on a quest for knowledge about how to create sites for MYSELF that can make ME money too instead of just my customers. All the while I will continue to design and develop for businesses.

This blog will focus on my journey to achieve financial independence by making money online using my own websites. This includes creating sites that use Google Adsense, Text-Link-Ads, Commission Junction, and other affiliate publishers.

I have already been doing this sort of thing for about a year and a half and have already come a long way (for me anyway). I plan to share with you my successes, secrets, and ambitions on this topic as well give you hard numbers as to what I am making on certain ventures to help you along with yours. In particular, I will tell you monthly how much I am making on this blog and how it was earned. As of today, I have earned $0.00!! In fact, I am $8.95 in the hole for registering my domain name 😉

Please feel free to comment on any article. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. And if there is anything in particular you would like me to discuss please let me know!