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Feb 19,2008

As I get more and more entrenched in my PPC Marketing business, I am quickly learning that advertising on the Internet is hardly limited to the country you live in. I am in the USA and initially thought that I would run advertising in my country only as I knew nothing about other countries and cultures.

But why would I want to limit myself when there is a whole WORLD to conquer?!

That’s when I learned the power of advertising in other countries, more specifically the UK. The UK is an excellent market as people there are ready and willing to click on your ad, and are less skeptical of purchasing online than in the US. Since I discovered this, my favorite means of advertising in the UK is using Yahoo Search Marketing UK. And since I don’t speak other languages, this is the perfect world market to enter.

With Google Adwords you can choose which country to target when creating a campaign, but you are not able to do that with Yahoo. Each account is country specific. In this case, you need to open a separate Yahoo UK account. And by following the links in this post, you can get a £50 voucher to start! That’s over $100.00 (yes the dollar completely blows right now). You can open a Yahoo UK account no matter where you live.

Besides the free voucher to get you started, I want to emphasize the beauty of this account. Adwords is saturated, Yahoo is not. That means you can get much cheaper targeted traffic using your Yahoo UK account than you would with your Adwords account. Plus, how many lazy marketers are going to go through the trouble to open a separate account in the UK just for Yahoo? Well . . . . you are . . . . if you want to make some money!

Nov 8,2007

I have been burying myself into intense research the last few days to try and figure out how to make some money with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. There are plenty of ways to do this that I have discussed before such as promoting affiliate products. Up until this point, I only considered trying to promote offers that pay very highly, like $20.00 per sale or lead. I have now learned that my thinking was flawed and I should be thinking outside of the box. There is great money to be made one penny at a time with easier offers to convert.

This leads me to tell you about zip submit campaigns. Much like making money from email lists, you can make money from these campaigns as well.

What does “zip submit” mean? It means that you drive traffic to an offer for some sort of giveaway and get the user to simply submit their zip code. Once they submit their zip code, you get paid! It doesn’t matter if they complete the whole offer or not. These have such a high conversion rate since there is little fear in giving away your zip code (as opposed to your email address), but of course, they pay out low.

I have been running a campaign for the last 3 days on an offer to get a free digital camera. This is another great offer from Hydra Networks, my affiliate network of choice for these things. The offer only pays $1.15 for each zip code submission, so you have to be creative on how to promote it.

Here are my results for the first 3 days:

Conversions: $33.35
Advertising Cost: $27.86
Profit: $5.49 (19.71% return!)

So, I am pretty happy with this so far. I know $5.00 isn’t a lot of money, but a 20% return isn’t too shabby. This is without really refining my efforts yet (as I learn more). My goal is to get my return up to 50%. Meanwhile I will start more new campaigns every day to increase my volume and return.

Oct 19,2007

Have you seen this site yet??? This had me on the floor laughing! It is a parody of two of the greatest online internet marketers John Chow and Shoemoney. Check out the hideous picture of their evil spawn!

The Birth of an Evil Marketer With Skills to Pay the Bills |

This is a great example again of viral marketing. Although the site is new, with a few big link backs on prominent sites (mine isn’t there yet 😉 ), this could become something relevant. Which of course means making money (or making cents in Chowmoney’s case!)

Oct 17,2007

If you have already been in the affiliate marketing game for a while, you already understand the benefit of collecting emails and creating campaigns for your interested members. If not, let me explain a little bit.

One of the best ways to make sales is to target exactly those people that are most likely to buy. Let’s say you have a site about vegetarian recipes. Maybe you create a newsletter that sends out a new recipe directly to subscriber’s mailboxes once a week. This is a service they are requesting of you and are glad to give you their email. So how do you capitalize on this? You provide relevant helpful offers to them as well in the newsletter.

Hydra Network Affiliate MarketingRecently I joined an affiliate network called Hydra Network. The beauty about Hydra Network is that they provide excellent offers that are suited especially for email lists. In other words, there are offers that you can include in your newsletters (and also websites and PPC campaigns if you wish) that convert well. Offers are constantly changing too, so there is always something new.

One thing users love is getting something for free. Here is an example of an offer to receive a $500 gift card for filling out some basic information and participating in surveys and sponsor offers.

Want great food free? (participation required. see below for details.)
Your choice – TGI Friday’s® or Chili’s®. $500 gift card.

Get a $500 gift card to the restaurant of your choice – TGI Friday’s® or Chili’s®.

Inner Concepts, Inc | 297 Kingsbury Grade #D | PO Box 4470 | Stateline, NV 89449-4470To receive the incentive gift you must: 1) register with valid information; 2)complete the user survey; 3) complete at least 2 Silver, 2 Gold, 2 Platinum offer; and 4) refer 1 unique household(s) that also complete these requirements. Purchase may be required. Please read website Terms & Conditions for details. Upon completion of all requirements, we will ship the incentive gift to you with free shipping.

GreatFood4Free is an independent rewards program for consumers and is not affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by any of the listed products or retailers. Trademarks, service marks, logos, and/or domain names (including, without limitation, the individual names of products and retailers) are the property of their respective owners. Copyright 2006 All rights reserved.

Then all the user needs to do is submit their email address on the first page for you to get paid. It really doesn’t matter if they follow through with all of the requirements as your incentive is to get them to submit their email address. Upon completion of the first page, you receive $1.30 from each participant! So let’s do some quick math: if you have a list with say 10k subscribers and you send out this offer in your newsletter, I would say there is a good chance you can get 1% to fill out the form. 1% would equal a profit of $130.00! That wouldn’t be too bad for 5 minutes worth of work.

Oct 10,2007

It’s very exciting to see your thoughts and ideas embraced and posted by one of the leaders in making money online.  DoshDosh is an authoritative, well thought out blog about making online.  Recently, DoshDosh made a post entitled The Best Way to Make Money Online: Participate in Dosh Dosh’s Group Survey challenging their readers to tell the best ways we have found to make money online.  I chose to participate in this group survey myself.  DoshDosh then posted a follow up article entitled 63 Constructive Opinions on the Best Way to Make Money Online.  This post highlighted all of the great responses and gave links back to our websites.

 Check out #28!! 🙂

Getting a mention on a blog like this, and a link is a very positive experience.  Thanks DoshDosh for letting us all participate!

Sep 28,2007

Here are my favorite keyword tools to use when starting any online campaign. There are also some great paid tools, but I will cover them in a later post. For now, enjoy these:

Free Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Tool
The Google keyword tool is great because it is free. It shows you historical trends on selected keywords over the last 12 months. It also has the ability to analyze a particular site or page and tell you what the best keyword combination would be. You can also get estimated costs per click when using Adwords.

Overture Keyword Selector Tool
This is the original keyword research tool. It does provide lots of valuable information and variations on the term you provide, however it is so widely used that it makes it hard to use as an advantage over your competition.

Digital Point Keyword Tool
This tool uses both Overture data as well as free Wordtracker data and compares them side by side for you.

Microsoft Labs Keyword Forecast Tool
This tool displays trends on a particular keyword as well as shows you demographics on who is searching for these words.

Keyword Map
An interesting tool to use to see how keywords are related

SEO Company Keyword Tool
A simple interface to show you search queries volume and related information

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool
Quite possibly the most comprehensive free tool available. Try it out and you will see!

Do you have any other suggestions for free keyword tools? If so, please leave your favorites in a comment

Sep 22,2007

It is well known that submitting your site to directories can benefit you by creating backlinks. Since the explosion of blogging online, directories have been created that cater only to blogs. Below is a list of directories obtained from the Google Directory exclusively designed for blogs along with the Page Rank of each blog. Not all are free, but they are worth checking out. I am going to go through these one by one and add Seanology to them in hopes to get more people reading my blog!

Lists weblogs by category. Users are invited to post reviews.
Blog Toplist
Categorized and sorted by popularity.
Blog Universe
Directory of weblogs as submitted and categorized by the site owners. Weblog, podcast, and video log directory.
Human-edited directory.
Research Blogs
An annotated list that can be used by researchers and academics.
The Ageless Project
Web logs by birthdate. Includes screenshots of the front page of each blog listed.
Kmax Blog Links
Alphabetical list. Links to weblog related resources. Top 20 ranking of the most popular and frequently updated weblogs.
Blog Watch
Categorized directory with latest post excerpts.
Listings by country and category.
Quick Blog Directory
Organized by category.
Alliance Of The Anonymous
Lists members who have posted the organization logo on their blog.
Allows users to rate listings in the directory.
Start4all: Weblogs
Startpage with links of webloggers. This page contains bloggers all over the world with interesting stories. Also links of famous webloggers and weblog tools, media, portals and meetings.
Delightful Blogs
Reviewed for personality.
Blog Ratings
Allows users to post and read ratings and reviews of sites organized by topic. Part of the Ratingz network.