Here is a little update on my affiliate marketing experiment. As you might remember from my previous post, my first campaign didn’t go so well. So I tried to refine a few things and take another shot at it.

The key to being successful at this technique is constant monitoring. What might be working one day may not work the next. Why? Because competition is always changing. You could have someone bidding on the same affiliate domain, thereby increasing the bid amount you have to pay to have your ad shown. Or there could be increased competition on your converting keywords. In either scenario, you must constantly watch your metrics.

For this second experiment I chose to promote another Clickbank product using Adwords ( )while sending them directly to the affiliate offer. This particular product pays out $26.29 for each completed sale. That gave me a little room to try and play with keywords and such to figure out what would work.

So, what were my results? Well, in the end I lost money again! 🙁 However, I feel that it was really my own fault because I ended up neglecting the campaign due to other work obligations. But I was doing pretty well to start with. Here is a spreadsheet of what went down:

Adwords and Clickback Results

Those last couple of days I tried to experiment with increasing my CPC in order to get my ad shown higher in list. It ended up burning up a quick $18.00 with no return! It was then I stopped the campaign as I was not committing the proper time to managing it.

What I learned from this experiment is 1) You can DEFINITELY make money simply sending traffic to affiliate sites using Adwords (you don’t even need your own website) and 2) You must be committed to monitoring your campaign.

The one thing I do know is that you can greatly increase your ROI by having your own website landing pages. But of course, that takes time to build. . . I am going to do this for the next iteration of this series as I already have a domain name picked out and some ideas flowing. I just have to get the time committed to make it happen!