– A Catchy Name and a Worthwhile Product

I know it has been quite a while since my last post, I promise I will get better!  I wanted to take the time today though to tell you all about a new affiliate marketing coaching site that has sprung up called offers both novice and advanced internet marketers the tools and information they need to succeed.  The site is set up in a format to drip feed information every 30 days to both teach and challenge various aspects of affiliate marketing.  One of the first areas of information discussed is Facebook advertising.  This is what interested me the most.  I have been dabbling in placing Facebook Ads and have had moderate success, but am looking to scale my efforts to make it a viable way to make money online.  These guys show you from start to finish how to create your first Facebook campaign . . . and most importantly how to make it profitable!

The site is full of very intelligent marketers that I personally know and respect.  Some of them are great friends of mine.  The two people that started the site are former moderators over at  Since I have been a member of that site since it’s inception, I got to know these 2 guys and read a bunch of their quality posts.  Now they have their own venue and devout following.

Beyond the wealth of information already on the site, there are loads of videos, how-to’s, and tools available to you.  These are very nicely presented and comprehensive.  The flow of information is organized so even a newbie to internet marketing can follow it.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they are running a 7 DAY TRIAL FOR ONLY $1 for a limited time!  What a great way to find out if the site is for you.  And unlike acai offers, you can cancel if you are not satisfied 😉

Affiliit Internet Marketing Coaching Site

Affiliit Internet Marketing Coaching Site