Free Traffic for your BlogHow do you make a blog (or any other website for that matter) successful? Well, it all starts with traffic. Driving traffic to your site is the most important element of securing customers (or readers) and making money online.

Yesterday a new service was just released that helps blog owners get free traffic. The service is called BlogRush. BlogRush works by adding a widget to your blog that shows headlines of other blogs. The benefit is that for every impression your blog shows of these headlines, one of your blog headlines gets shown on another blog. It’s a win win for most bloggers!

What else is great about this is that it is an affiliate program too. For every person you sign up, you get second tier impressions. This means that if the person you refer shows the widget x number of times on their blog, you receive even that much more exposure to your blog!

You can see it in action on the sidebar to the right. So sign up today . . . . it’s free!