How’s that for a catchy headlline?

A new site launched today that is doubly good for those of you out there wanting to make money online. The site is called DealDotCom. DealDotCom is a site that features a new product each day at incredible discount prices. However, the products are all focused on the topic of Internet Marketing and making money online. They sell items that will help you save time and money during your ventures.

The second benefit is that they also offer an affiliate program. This means if someone signs up under your affiliate link, you earn 35% of the sale! Even better is that it is a 2-tier system, so if your friends refer people you also profit from their sales!

Either way there are great deals to be had. Today deal features Easy Member Pro – Unlimited Site Licenses for only $148.50. This is a huge discount considering they are selling their product at their site for $297.

The catch is that deals only last one day, or until the inventory has been sold out. So you have to decide quick if you want or need the daily product!