As I posted a few days ago, I am starting to take some steps to learning the affiliate marketing game inside and out. What I have started doing is promoting ClickBank products using Adwords ( ). Currently, I am not using a landing page and simply sending traffic directly to the vendors sales page until I get some landing pages set up.

I have read numerous accounts that this method is not as effective as using landing pages, but I will stick with it for now in hopes to turn a profit.

By using this method I have come across a hurdle. That being tracking which keywords are sending traffic and converting to sales. I had learned of a manual method using what is called the TID (tracking ID) parameter. This can be effective, but is very time consuming to set up a new URL for each keyword. Plus the TID is only 8 characters long.

In my searches of trying to make this easier, I came across a wonderful free tool from WLMCamp which will generate these URL’s for you dynamically. I downloaded and am using this tool today and am very happy with the time it saves!

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