If you haven’t already heard about WidgetBucks, I will give you a brief overview. The topic of who they are and what they do has been covered in detail in the blogosphere. Basically, WidgetBucks is another ad network that you can add to your site to earn a little extra income.

The cool thing about WidgetBucks is that you are promoting products for sale, however you are getting paid per click instead of paid per action (purchashing the product). You can also earn money by referring people to WidgetBucks. New users get an instant $25 just for signing up!

Here is a WidgetBucks example:

WidgetBucks - Trend Watch - WidgetBucks.com

I am going to give this a try and replace the AuctionAds I have running on my popular website. I will post later as to why I am replacing AuctionAds, but basically because it is not performing well this month for me.

One last note, I signed up using a referral link of one of our readers 🙂 This means for everything I earn on this program, this person will get a percentage paid back into their account. All this for free because they read my blog and simply asked nicely if I would sign up using their referral link. It pays to read Seanology.com!