I sure think so! Let’s analyze this just a little bit. Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliate Marketing is the process of brokering traffic to an affiliate offer to make a sale of a product or produce a lead. In other words, you are advertising other people’s products and getting a commission of the total sale or lead.

Why would you want to advertise other people’s products and not your own? Well for starters, you may not be in a position to start a traditional business in the sense of inventory, receivables, overhead, etc.

Here are the main reasons PPC Affiliate Marketing is the perfect business model:

* You can start with absolutely no money
* Your “inventory” in unlimited
* You can test new ideas in days
* You can routinely earn a 100% ROI
* The sky is the limit!

Let’s look at these in a bit more detail:

You can start with absolutely no money – The beauty of PPC is that you need ZERO dollars and a credit card to get started. I know there are some other businesses like this, but what sets this apart is that you can control your budget to the penny and know exactly when your money should be received. Here is an example of how I do it: Lets say in April I spend $1000 on advertising and I have earned (but not yet received) $2000 from sales. In my world, my credit card statement comes on April 23rd. So now I have a balance of $1000 that is due on May 18th. I am on NET 15 days with my networks so I will get $2000 on May 15th and am able to cover my credit card and pocket the rest without floating any money! Even if I did have to float it for a month, what significance is a $10 interest expense (or whatever it is) when you are making 100% return on your money.

Your “inventory” in unlimited – How many businesses can you start that allow to sell everything under one roof? One week I could be selling flowers for Mother’s Day, the next week I could be generating leads for mortgages. It doesn’t matter as these are other peoples products you are promoting.

You can test new ideas in days
– Once you choose a new offer or niche to attack, you can easily find out if it is going to be profitable within a few days. The key to being successful in PPC is testing, testing again, and then testing again! It may take 20 tries to find a winner, but when you do it can be addictive and exhilarating (and very profitable)!

You can routinely earn a 100% ROI – Yes, 100% ROI! This has got to be my favorite part of this business. I used to think how outstanding it was if you got a 20% return on your investment in something like the stock market. In this business, a 20% return campaign may get nixed because it isn’t making enough money! This month I am running at a 96% ROI. That is really hard to comprehend sometimes even for me. For every one dollar I spend, I make two dollars! Show me another business where this is achievable on a consistent basis.

The sky is the limit! – Scaling your PPC business is up to you. There is no “cap”. I know guys that have goals to top 1 million in profit per year (I hope to be there someday!). It is possible. It is happening every day. You don’t hear about these people because they have their systems and don’t want to expose them . . . and I can’t blame them. With this business it is just a matter of how bad you want it. Are you will to put in the work? Are you not afraid to lose to learn? If you have the right attitude the sky is the limit!

Now go and make some money 🙂