I have been burying myself into intense research the last few days to try and figure out how to make some money with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. There are plenty of ways to do this that I have discussed before such as promoting affiliate products. Up until this point, I only considered trying to promote offers that pay very highly, like $20.00 per sale or lead. I have now learned that my thinking was flawed and I should be thinking outside of the box. There is great money to be made one penny at a time with easier offers to convert.

This leads me to tell you about zip submit campaigns. Much like making money from email lists, you can make money from these campaigns as well.

What does “zip submit” mean? It means that you drive traffic to an offer for some sort of giveaway and get the user to simply submit their zip code. Once they submit their zip code, you get paid! It doesn’t matter if they complete the whole offer or not. These have such a high conversion rate since there is little fear in giving away your zip code (as opposed to your email address), but of course, they pay out low.

I have been running a campaign for the last 3 days on an offer to get a free digital camera. This is another great offer from Hydra Networks, my affiliate network of choice for these things. The offer only pays $1.15 for each zip code submission, so you have to be creative on how to promote it.

Here are my results for the first 3 days:

Conversions: $33.35
Advertising Cost: $27.86
Profit: $5.49 (19.71% return!)

So, I am pretty happy with this so far. I know $5.00 isn’t a lot of money, but a 20% return isn’t too shabby. This is without really refining my efforts yet (as I learn more). My goal is to get my return up to 50%. Meanwhile I will start more new campaigns every day to increase my volume and return.