In order to make money on a site, you need to get traffic. Today I will continue my series of posts explaining the exact steps that I am taking to try and make my Tiger Army website successful.

After I redesigned the site I went ahead and started to submit the site to the search engines. Of course, I started with the big 3 and submitted using these URLs:

Once I took care of those 3, I went ahead and added to a few other well know directories and search engines such as:

Once I was done with these submissions, I went ahead and added a link to each of my other sites that are related to music and entertainment. I have a couple of these types sites, so they all help each other when they are linked together and are relevant.

Lastly, I posted a message on the Digital Point forums requesting a link exchange with my music site. Quite often there are people out there that are willing to exchange with you since they are in the same boat as you.

Next, I may spend some money (under $10) and hire someone to submit the site to a bunch of directories. The value of directory links is declining, but it is still good for building links which most search engines like.

Oh yeah, one more thing is that the previous owner added a link to the Tiger Army Wikipedia page. This will also help drive people to the site.