You may or may not be wondering how I have been able to ramp up my affiliate marketing campaigns in such a short period of time and make them extremely successful. I had debated whether or not I wanted to publicize my resource as it has been so successful for me thus far that I wanted to keep it my little secret. Well that is silly and foolish of me! There really is no competition in this game when you consider the billions of combinations of keywords and campaigns that can be run.

So here it is:

What is PPC Coach? It is what it implies. PPC-Coach is run by an expert affiliate marketer who is there to teach you everything you need to become successful. Coach has been doing this full time for 2 years now and as he says “I make more than a doctor, working form home in my underwear”.

The site is subscription based and costs $49.99/month. Sounds like a lot? Well, if you are serious about doing this it is a drop in the bucket. As you may have seen in my previous posts, I have made MUCH more than that in profits using Coach’s advice. This is the only fee-based site I have ever joined, and I can’t recommend it enough.

What do you get for your monthly membership? This is the first question you will most likely have and it’s the best one. You get a multitude of things with your membership including:

  • access to the PPC-Coach to answer any and all ppc related or affiliate marketing questions you have
  • access to the PPC Coach Members Forum, where other members can post questions and post answers for you to see [there are loads of experienced and newbie members as well Affiliate Managers from various affiliate networks on board]
  • access to specific merchants to promote, (yes we will tell you what to promote if you don’t want to use your own stuff).
  • access to a growing number of tutorials and guides
  • access to how to videos online (these are absolute GOLD!)
  • access to like minded individuals who want to succeed just as much as you do.

Check out the site and read over the FAQ’s etc. and post here if you have any questions. I don’t know if I am doing a good enough job of selling this to you or not. I guess the bottom line I can say is that I joined on November 6th and as of yesterday (21 days in) I have earned $754.00 in profit!

Please check out the site and post any questions you might have here and I will answer them as best as I can. If you do join, send me an email and tell me your username so we can hook up in the forums!

Edit 1/17/2008 – I am now averaging $50/day profit using these techniques!

Edit 1/31/2008 – I am now averaging $75/day profit using these techniques!

Edit 9/22/2008 – I had a $1700 profit day this month using these techniques!