As you know from my previous post, I recently purchased the site for $10 with the hopes of turning it into a revenue producing site for me.

Step one in this process was to redesign the site. The purpose of redesigning the site is to 1) make it more visually appealing, and 2) to blend in more advertisements that will hopefully make me money. Here is what the Tiger Army site looked like when I bought it. And this is the Tiger Army site now with the redesign. However, I did not reinvent the wheel here, I used the design I had for another site of mine about Secondhand Serenade.

So, the real question is how are we going to make money? For starters we are going to include Google Adsense on the pages. I have also included an affiliate link to Amazon for various Tiger Army Albums. And lastly, I am using AuctionAds to display some eBay auctions on the Music page. I will be discussing AuctionAds in more detail in a later post.

The next part of this case study will involve linking the site, discussing SEO, and submitting to search engines.