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Oct 15,2007

“What would happen if every blog published posts discussing the same issue, on the same day?” That is the exact question that is being asked on Blog Action Day.  Today is designated as a day for all bloggers to take action and blog about the environment.  If enough people participate, a new awareness will be formed.  It is also recommended that bloggers donate todays earnings in full to an environmental charity.  I will do this if I make any money today!

While I can’t say that I follow all the environmentally friendly rules, I do try my best.  To my credit, I do all of my banking online as well as request as many statements and bills as I can to be delivered electronically (even though it’s a pain to reconcile a bank statement from an image).  We also recycle as much as we can at our house.  I have even thought of requesting a second bin as we seem to have it filled up every week a couple of days before pickup.

I love nature and the outdoors and will be thinking of more ways to help save the environment.  Please tell me how you are contributing, and if you have a blog please post about it!

Oct 12,2007

Since Google bought YouTube a while back, it was only a matter of time before they leveraged the video technology to integrate with their existing money maker business model.

Here is a quote from the email I received announcing the new format:

We’re excited to announce video units, a new way to enrich your site with quality, relevant video content on an embedded, customizable YouTube player. With video units, you embed a snippet of code and have relevant YouTube partner content streamed to your site. You can choose categories of video to target to your site, choose individual YouTube partners, or have video units automatically target your site with relevant video. Companion and text overlay ads displayed in the video unit are relevant and non-intrusive. If you have video content of your own, you may even be able to sign up as a YouTube partner to have your content distributed to other AdSense publishers’ video units.

Without further adieu, here is an Adsense video unit!

I think I may try this on my Tiger Army website and target music videos and see how it produces. Anyone else ready to try out this format?

Oct 11,2007

Ok, this is sort of off-topic, but hey, it’s my blog anyways 😉

If you are a musician you will find the following collection of videos frickin’ hilarious! Just pick one and listen and watch and tell me how much you laughed in the comments.

Since we are a money making blog I can add some commentary here. If these were my videos, there might be a good chance to make some money off of them. Some of these have over 100,000 views each. How easy would it be to embed a URL overlay on these videos or add a frame at the beginning or end with a URL on it. What you would try and push? How about guitar lessons!!

Oct 10,2007

It’s very exciting to see your thoughts and ideas embraced and posted by one of the leaders in making money online.  DoshDosh is an authoritative, well thought out blog about making online.  Recently, DoshDosh made a post entitled The Best Way to Make Money Online: Participate in Dosh Dosh’s Group Survey challenging their readers to tell the best ways we have found to make money online.  I chose to participate in this group survey myself.  DoshDosh then posted a follow up article entitled 63 Constructive Opinions on the Best Way to Make Money Online.  This post highlighted all of the great responses and gave links back to our websites.

 Check out #28!! 🙂

Getting a mention on a blog like this, and a link is a very positive experience.  Thanks DoshDosh for letting us all participate!

Oct 9,2007

I am sure you all are waiting on baited breath to find out how much my blog made last month during my first 20 days of blogging. I hope you all are well prepared for the shocking news to follow . . . made $0 last month!

Well, this means I can only go up, right? 😉 Anyways, the purpose of this blog isn’t really to make money in and of itself, it is highlight techniques and give tips to winning in the Adsense and affiliate marketing game.

To give you a little update on some of the case studies that I have presented forward, I did make a little money (and October is shaping up to increase as well). First off, I have highlighted my Tiger Army case study in Part 1 and Part 2. As you may recall, I bought the site for $10 and redesigned it. Well, in September I made $1.67 from Adsense! This is a small success 🙂

In my other experiment, I added a search box to one of my sites to try and get a few extra dollars a month. I installed that on September 24th and it earned me $2.04 for the 6 days it was running.

I know you are all gasping for air at my riches 😉 Actually, I make a fair share of money on a bunch of sites I haven’t mentioned yet, but these are the ones I have highlighted and have shared so far. Continue to read the blog to learn more of my stories!

Oct 5,2007

All it takes is one big break to make a website extremely popular. How would a mention of your website on Oprah sound? Sounds pretty good to me considering Oprah’s popularity and the size of her audience! Well, it wouldn’t exactly be my site that was mentioned, but a site I designed.

This scenario almost played out. One of my website design clients contacted me about a good friend of hers that was trying to secure a spot on the Oprah show as an expert panelist. She was very excited and needed a website put together fast that explained her theories and services as a a nationally certified professional counselor and educator. Hence, Managing the Monkey Mind was born.

I quickly worked withmy client as she communicated back and forth with the producers. I got her site up and running in a couple of days and she was extremely pleased with the speed and the design. She also agreed to let me link to my sites in the footer of her website which was great!

As it turns out she was not able to be on the expert panel for this show, but she did get the chance to be in the audience. The show airs today, so all of you Oprah fans need to tune in! 😉 There is also a chance that she can participate as an audience member in the After the Show segment as well.

So that is the story of my near brush with fame! Can you imagine how many people would have went to the website if Oprah endorsed it? How many hits would that have equated to for me? What would I have done with this traffic? Would I have made a special page for Oprah viewers? Who knows, it’s nice to dream! 🙂

Oct 4,2007

One of my Adsense sites has suddenly stopped producing 🙁 This site was consistently on the front page of MSN for a very popular search term. It appears that they have drastically changed their algorithm which results in very different sites attaining these top search engine placements.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea what the new algorithm takes into account? To most of you this is a non-issue as your site is optimized for Google, but I have had great success in MSN and found it easier to attain higher rankings. I guess those days are gone! This is a great lesson in remembering to diversify and not obtain all of your traffic from one source.

Oct 3,2007

As I posted a few days ago, I am starting to take some steps to learning the affiliate marketing game inside and out. What I have started doing is promoting ClickBank products using Adwords ( ). Currently, I am not using a landing page and simply sending traffic directly to the vendors sales page until I get some landing pages set up.

I have read numerous accounts that this method is not as effective as using landing pages, but I will stick with it for now in hopes to turn a profit.

By using this method I have come across a hurdle. That being tracking which keywords are sending traffic and converting to sales. I had learned of a manual method using what is called the TID (tracking ID) parameter. This can be effective, but is very time consuming to set up a new URL for each keyword. Plus the TID is only 8 characters long.

In my searches of trying to make this easier, I came across a wonderful free tool from WLMCamp which will generate these URL’s for you dynamically. I downloaded and am using this tool today and am very happy with the time it saves!

Read more about this free tool.

Oct 1,2007

Earn Money for your Site with AuctionAds

One of the new programs on the market that I have decided to try out is AuctionAds. As I explained in my previous post, AuctionAds is a way to dynamically show eBay listings on your site.

Well, I implemented it on 3 or 4 sites and quickly learned that it was only going to perform on one site. This program is not for every type of site, but if you find the right one it is worth implementing.

In my first month I earned $55.96!

Ok, that is a little skewed since they game me $25 just for signing up 😉 So really I earned $30.96 🙂 I am very pleased with that result and may try it out on some other sites. Anyone else out there using it with results?

Sep 30,2007

I am proud to say that today marks day 20 of consecutive posts on my blog. In my initial post, I vowed to make 20 daily posts in a row with the theory that if you do something continuously for 20 days, it becomes habit. This would be an example of forming a good habit.

Sticking to your goals creates a snowball effect, once you reach one small milestone the next goal suddenly seems more attainable. All of a sudden, this blog feels like something i am motivated to continue and pursue.

Thank you for following my journal up to this point. I can’t promise that I will post everyday forever, but I will do my best to provide you with useful information I have learned along the way as often as possible.

Thanks again!